Editor: Tarrell R. Campbell

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  • Investigates the intersections of human identities
  • Spans disciplines to advance approaches to issues of human identities
  • Encourages historicist, materialist, comparatist, and theoretical approaches to the study of human identities

This journal demonstrates the value of interrogations of human identities and of the deepest historical perspectives on the development of contemporary cultural and critical theory. Quimbandas: Explorations of Identities is a discipline-spanning, peer-reviewed journal that brings approaches to performing that which is human into productive critical relation. The journal advances and inspires new critical investigations of issues related to human identities by examining contemporary events, issues, ideas, problems, objects, and studies.

The intent of this approach is to illuminate deep historical structures––mental, linguistic, social, cultural, aesthetic, religious, political, sexual––as relates the development and performance of human identities, contemporary thought, and life. Each issue is organized around a theme centered on approaches to performances of human identities. Quimbandas is affiliated with ÉcritureSTL.